Senior Account Manager – Bahrain

I am looking to immediately recruit an experienced senior level account manager with atleast 8 – 10 years of IT hardware and software selling experience. I would prefer to have someone from the local market with atleast 3 – 4 years of Bahrain experience and a valid driving license.

Send CV’s to

Account Management:

  • Manage multiple accounts, generate & validate billing information for all the accounts, sustain parallel communication channels to ensure account profitability.
  • Effectively monitor day-to-day management of accounts.
  • Collaborate with other services department on proposals related to services and solutions.
  • Achieving revenue quota with the ability to drive results within a complex sales cycle and managing key relationships with large organizations.
  • Developing and implementing business plans to drive product and services revenue and deployment, while effectively cooperating with the team.
  • Must have a strong understanding of Business and Technology concerns and know what each corporate player’s primary needs and wants are.
  • Develop project plans, schedules, and budgets for all assigned accounts including resource requirements and recommendations; analyze process flows for all operational processes relating to assigned project and recommend changes resulting in cost savings, enhanced customer service, or improved asset management.
  • Responsible for gathering account budgets for the year and the break down and reporting its success.
  • Accountable for payment collection for the products & solution sold and services rendered.
  • Manage contract fulfillment including timely collection of PO, monitor and interact throughout relationship lifecycle, understand, implement and manage all deliverable elements within the customer contract.
  • Review contract details; ensure deliveries are appraised in a timely and professional manner and also submission of invoice and payment collection with follow-up in a timely manner.
  • Exhibit effective documentation skills and is responsible for preparing weekly/monthly forecast reports for product sales & services targeted for the accounts handled for the accounts.
  • Responsible to prepare reports with supporting data of current market trends and competitors information in Bahrain.
  • Prepare reports in memo format on any proactive steps required to be done in the current accounts depending on the forecasted business potential and which needs attention of the division head and management.
  • Accuracy and predictability on sales reporting on weekly basis on product sales.
  • Act as Single point of contact for customer questions and concerns.
  • Develop and cultivate strong business relationship with customers and partners
  • Identifying additional revenue generating opportunities.
  • Ensure and generate new account activity every quarter.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work independently and as part of a team, with demonstrated success in performing under resource and time constraints.
  • Present information and make effective presentations in diversified formats varied to suit differing audiences to win strategic and new accounts.
  • Develop, and maintain effective relationships with support groups, client groups, and managers and supervisors of relevant departments. Maintain progress and positive attitude in situations involving uncertainty and remains flexible to change.
  • Participation in team project activities. Train, mentor & support team members, provide feedback & input for effective team development to improve team efficiency & fulfill organizational objectives.

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