Looking for General Manager – Corporate Relations – Chennai

I am looking for GM-Corporate Relations – Chennai | My Inbox ID – arul@quadrupleindia.com

Job Description:

Job Title                       –         GM-Corporate Relations

Department                   –           Corporate Relations

Location                       –           Chennai

Qualification                  –           Graduate /Post Graduate with Minimum 20 to 25 years of   Banking experience/ Corporate Experience.

Obtain project related clearance and provide project logistic support and build/maintain relationships with Govt officials in relevant ministries and secretariat.

Areas of Responsibility:

  1. Maintain cordial relationship with Government, Semi Government & other external(non media ) agencies
  2. Build and maintain relationship with regulatory agencies, Govt Depts and Funding Agencies
  3. Assist various units and company heads in obtaining clearances/approvals from Govt Authorities, Statutory bodies etc.,
  4. Perform documentation for project logistics related clearances
  5. Provide information on Govt Departmental changes and other project related information’s.



  1. Key officials, Govt bodies, Secretariat functioning etc.,
  2. Govt rules, regulations and policies
  3. Functioning of Govt bodies
  4. Macro economics and political trends


  1. Co-ordination
  2. Tactful
  3. Interpersonal Skills and Communication
  4. Time Management


  1. Task orientation
  2. Positive Attitude and Persistence
  3. Initiative

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