General Manager – Strategic Sourcing- Bangalore

GM   Strategic Sourcing :  BE  + MBA (or professional qualification from Indian Institute of  Materials Management ) 16 to 18 years of  experience in the  Strategic Sourcing experience.

  1. 1. Support development of Sourcing Strategy (through Industry, Spend, Supplier & Other Analysis)
  1. Conduct in-depth Supply market analysis
  2. Research internal & external data to support the strategic sourcing process
  3. Identify the right sources of information and set up the channels to get the right information
  4. Collect data & conduct analysis on internal factors such as spend & customer requirements
  5. Develop and perform calculations on industry and supplier cost models, as well as Total Landed Cost (TLC) / Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) models
  6. Perform make vs. buy,  buy vs. hire and export vs. indigenous sourcing analysis
  7. Perform supplier analysis, including supplier financials and capabilities (products / services, quality levels, etc.), using available and defined sources of information.
  8. Analyze supplier performance and internal KPI data to support Buyers in identifying opportunities and actions for continuous improvement.

2.Sourcing Support:

  1. Support the Business Procurement Teams in developing Should Cost Model
  2. Collecting bench mark Cost data.
  3. Helping the Business Procurement Team in properly implementing the Procurement Processes.

3.Manage Communication and Knowledge:

  1. Ensure secure knowledge transfer and exchange by storing and maintaining (analytical) project deliverables and templates.

4.Indirect Procurement:

  1. To procure all corporate requirements of IT materials and services, FMS, Consultancy services and Hospital sector etc.
  2. To drive VFM (Value for Money initiatives.

5.To strategies and develop logistic cell which will develop Value for Money practices.

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