Business Continuity Manager | Enterprise Risk Management

Job Description:

Title                                         :               Business Continuity Manager

Level                                        :               AGM

Experience                              :               10 + Years

Department                            :               Enterprise Risk Management

Job Location                      :             Bangalore – INDIA

  1. The Business Continuity Manager is responsible for developing, maintaining and managing the Group’s business continuity program. The person will support all activities necessary to enable  Group to respond to a business interruption.
  2. Develop and maintain a Group wide business continuity program that addresses disaster recovery, business recovery and emergency response management.
  3. Develop, produce and update BCP/DR materials and documentation (e.g., plans, emergency response procedures, call lists, test results, etc.).
  4. Assist different business units with:
    1. i.      Assessment of potential business impact.
    2. ii.      Definition of critical, time-sensitive functions.
    3. iii.      Design, development, and documentation of the Business unit/Sector/Group business continuity plans.
    4. Perform risk analyses for functional areas to identify points of vulnerability, single points of failure and identify risk avoidance and treatment strategies.
    5. Recommend recovery strategies and options, and assist with the implementation of recovery solutions.
    6. Develop schedules for training / awareness for the required business partner associates.
    7. Ensure all personnel with specific Business Continuity responsibilities are adequately trained to fulfill their assigned responsibilities.  Ensuring all employees are familiar with the relevant provisions of the Business Continuity Plans.
      1. Plan and coordinate all business continuity technical and user testing.
      2. Ensuring that all technical components of the Business Continuity Plans are successfully tested at least annually, or whenever significant changes are made to those components.
      3. Planning and coordinating at least one simulation exercise a year, involving all critical business units.  Documenting the results of all tests and exercises, and identifying any recommended enhancements to the Business Continuity Plans and Procedures.
      4. Coordinate development of business unit schedules for annual business continuity documentation, maintenance and update, exercises, and independent review and validation.
        1. Work closely with IT to develop/maintain effective DR plans for critical systems and applications and to ensure that internal recovery sites are updated and functioning properly.
        2. Liaise with various cross functional teams to develop effective working relationships.
        3. Coordinate routine updates to the detailed information supporting the Business Continuity Procedures. Administering contracts and service agreements with Business Continuity service providers.
        4. Report the business continuity status of business units/functions to senior management.
        5. Assures that recovery procedures are effective for the restoration of key corporate resources and for the resumption of critical business processes.
        6. Provide expertise and support to management and business functional areas, as requested, when a business disruption occurs.
        7. Liaison with external agencies as required for carrying out the above activities.
        8. Assessing the Business Continuity implications of proposed technological or organizational changes, and coordinating any revisions to existing Business Continuity Plans and procedures necessitated by such changes.
          1. Analyze and report on implications of regulatory requirements and industry guidance on BCP/DR programs.
          2. Job requirement includes travel to all Group Business locations.

Candidate profile:

  1. Engineer/CA/MBA with qualification in BCP preferred.
  2. 10+ Years of work experience preferably in a consulting role on actively developing and deploying   business continuity programs.
  3. Provides professional, specialized skills, including business continuity planning, project management, problem analysis and resolution.
  4. Understanding of infrastructure business, processes, systems & operations and the ability to communicate in these areas will be an added advantage.
  5. Strong analytical, organizational, and decision-making skills.
  6. Strong verbal/written communications. Must be able to interface and coordinate work efficiently and effectively with business partners in remote locations.
  7. Willing to travel to various project sites spread across various locations.
  8. Self-starter with the ability to work with a great degree of autonomy

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