System Engineer -CVAS/ISCP – Chennai

Title                  :           System Engineer-CVAS/ISCP

Experience        :           4+ Years to 7 Years

Location           :           Chennai

    1. Perform the following activities as they pertain to new features of the Converged Application Server product line in the intelligent networking arena:
    2. Solicit customer requirements – Understand customer business opportunity/problem by working with business management and directly with the customer.  Document customer needs.
    3. Understand solution space appropriate to address customer needs in line with feasible design/development and feature scope.
    4. Document detailed system and interface requirements corresponding to chosen solution.
    5. Solicit comments from the development team and the customer; if necessary make changes to the requirements document to accommodate the feedback.
    6. Obtain document approval sign-off from the development team and the customer.
    7. Participate in feature team to ensure that requirements are implemented as intended, including reviews of design documents, related requirements documents, and test case plans.
    8. Manage change-control of requirements document to accommodate modifications due to design, implementation, testing, and customer need variations from the original understanding.
    9. Create input for end-user documentation, possibly including the first draft of such documentation.

                    Desired qualifications:

                    1. Familiarity with the CVAS/ISCP set of products
                    2. Demonstrated knowledge of intelligent networking protocols (e.g., SS7, WIN, CAMEL)
                    3. Demonstrated knowledge of SIP
                    4. Demonstrated knowledge of JAVA programming in a service creation environment
                    5. Demonstrated knowledge of OSA/Parlay APIs
                    6. Background in intelligent network services (e.g., prepaid, number translation)
                    7. Demonstrated knowledge of web service and database technologies

                    Required skills:

                    1. Excellent communications skills, written and verbal
                    2. Telecommunications intelligent networking or VoIP background and experience
                    3. Excellent teaming skills

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