Senior Engineer-PHP

Job title                                   :           Senior Engineer-PHP

Skill                                          :           Internet / Web Programming

Years of experience                :           3-5yrs

Job Location                            :           Chennai and Mumbai

  1. Hands on experience in PHP
  2. Good knowledge in SOA a must (should have worked on at least two large scale projects of more than 10 member team)
  3. Must have hand on experience with XML, VXML, SOAP, JSON
  4. Knowledge of vertical and horizontal scaling of large scale applications
  5. Good understanding of MVC Architecture
  6. Understanding of XHTML, CSS3, JavaScript standards will be  an added advantage and not a core expectation
  7. Fluency in programming, debugging, templating, integration and web developing.
  8. Should be able to translate business data and information into program design.
  9. Additionally, should demonstrate the ability to work well in a team and have a positive attitude.
  10. They must show enthusiasm for technology and be able to work well in a fast-paced environment and prioritize effectively.

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