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Technical Consultant (SAN – HP EVA)

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Title                                         :  Technical Consultant (SAN – HP EVA)

Years of Experience               : 5+ years

Nature of the job                    : 24/7

Location                                  : Pune

Culture & Compensation        : Best In the Industry

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Establishing of zones (Brocade for SAN 1 and 2, same naming convention)
  2. Changing/deleting of zones (4-eye-control, 1/2 hour delay each fabric (sub-step))
  3. Maintenance of CMDB (Configuration Management Database)
  4. Establishing/extending disk pools (Setup, mask and map LUNs, average number of LUNs per order: 4)
  5. Deleting/reducing disk pools (4-eye-control, 1/2 hour delay each fabric (sub-step))
  6. Handling (split, establish, suspend, resume) of remote mirrors (SRDF, CA) and local copies (BCV, BC, SnapView, BC EVA) (4-eye-control, 1/2 hour delay per fabric (sub-step), object based quality assurance)
  7. Configuration change for local Replica on Storage Nodes
  8. General regular control of SAN and Storage
  9. Regular control SRDF / Device mapping
  10. Provide monthly SAN Health Report
  11. Backup Storage Essentials Database
  12. Creation of Storage report (Excel) with the following content: Servers, allocated net capacity, allocated gross capacity, type of storage (Storage Tiers)
  13. Check of the complete configuration on unnecessarily allocated resources (Zones not in use anymore, allocated storage without attached server)

Desired Profile:

Minimum Relevant experience in HP EVA – SAN.

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