Business Development Manager – Bahrain

Title                  :           Business Development Manager

Experience        :           13+ Years (Minimum 9+ years in IT Systems Integration – IT Hardware Networking)

Job Location    :           Bahrain


  1. 1. Bachelor of engineering in ICT, preferred with sales and business management certification.


  1. 2. Minimum 14 years in IT systems integration with 10-12 years in institutional and government sales.
  2. 3. 5 years in sales management supervising a team of minimum 5 sales persons.
  3. 4. Leadership qualities with good communication and interpersonal skills and to drive sales team through mentorship and team management.


  1. 5. Strong understanding of customer and market dynamics and requirements with ability to articulate business requirements into deliverables.


  1. 6. Passion for technology sales with customer centric approach


  1. 7. Able to operate in a fast-paced and changing market environment.


  1. 8. Technology knowledge – Microsoft, Dell, oracle hardware, Symantec, Infrastructure and application services.
  2. 9. External – With customers and business alliance partners.
  3. 10. Internal – With other departments that include Microsoft and infrastructure services team, application team, engineering and customer support services team, finance team, human resources and administration team.
  4. 11.  Work with a cross functional team, consisting of Microsoft and infrastructure practices, application services, engineering and customer support practices, to deliver the best solutions to the market /customers.
  5. 12.  Provide a tentative roadmap for development of the product / solution List assumptions.
  6. 13.  List Manpower and Skills requirements.




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