Network & Security Er. / 8+ Years / Chennai

  1. The Network Administrator/Head will concentrate on the overall health of the network, server deployment, security, ensuring network connectivity throughout and company’s LAN/WAN infrastructure.
  2. Network Administrator/Head  are considered Tier 3 support personnel that only work on break/fix issues that could not be resolved at the Tier1 (l1support) or Tier 2 (desktop/network technician) levels.
    1. Network Administrator/Head may also design and deploy networks. Usually these tasks would be assigned by the management.
    2. The role of the Network Administrator/Head will includes tasks such as  creation security policy creation and implementation, network address assignment, assignment of routing protocols, routing table configuration, firewall management  as well as configuration of authentication and authorization – directory services .
    3. It often includes maintenance of network facilities in individual servers. It sometimes also includes maintenance of certain network servers, file servers DHCP/DNS servers  Site to site VPN creation, VPN gateways problem trouble shooting , intrusion detection systems, Antivirus detection and  prevention in gateway level, NAT configuration and troubleshooting   etc.
    4. Also includes Co-ordination with third party vendors, partners for VPN creation and allocations.
    5. Lead continuous improvement strategies and drive new ideas, initiatives to meet the needs and manages resource allocation to meet deal commitments
    6. Assist with the development and enhancements of relevant standards, procedures and guidelines
    7. Review the Incident related to network problems and ensures incident does not re-occur.
    8. Identifying Hardware and Software problems, to give preventive actions to be taken
    9. Proficient knowledge of TCP/IP, ARP, ICMP HTTP, FTP.
    10. Implementation of VLANs, Inter – VLAN Communication
    11. Isolating and resolving LAN and WAN problems which includes firewall problems
    12. Leased Line modems   Installation and configurations
    13. Poly com videoconferencing equipment connectivity
    14. Setting up Cat 5 and wireless network for Computer systems
    15. Knowledge on sonic wall and watch gourd firewall.

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