Senior – Unix System Administrator – Chennai

Job Title               :               Senior Unix System Administrator

Experience         :               7 to 10 Years

Work Location   :               Chennai


  1. Configure, install, tune and resolve very complex problems for all UNIX and Linux servers, including low end servers, mid-range servers and large frame servers.
  2. Configure, install, tune and resolve very complex problems for all storage devices and databases.
  3. Understands the UNIX and Linux operating systems to the kernel level
  4. Manage and maintain all storage devices including NAS, SAN and DAS
  5. Evaluate and resolve performance problems with servers, storage and network devices
  6. Evaluate, design and deploy all computing services associated with the FNC Engineering environment such as Naming services, security services, jumpstart services, web services
  7. Understand computing services as it relates to project needs including leadership in evaluating project requirements and mapping them to computing resources
  8. Coordinate the deployment of multi-site computing with FNC organizations and with FNC business partners – both national and international
  9. Responsible for the documentation, maintenance, and support of network and computing infrastructure for engineering development.      Monitors system usage and performance and propose and implement system enhancements.
  10. Designs and maintains network infrastructures in the hardware and software test labs including terminal servers and debuggers
  11. Ensures security and data protection on all systems through security operations and analysis
  12. Deploys and administers telecom circuits for WAN, including bandwidth analysis
  13. Coordinates maintenance activities with project gate schedule timeframes
  14. Recommends and implements system enhancements, improving the reliability and performance of company systems Work with and support the ClearCase administrators
  15. Work with and support the Oracle administrators


Technical Competency:

  1. Solaris ,Linux ,Cisco IOS ,Sparc servers ,Symantec Netbackup ,Network Appliance filers
  2. DNS, DHCP, NIS, LDAP,Shell scripting, License management (FlexLM) ,XEN, KVM for Linux
  3. LDOMs, Zones for Solaris
    1. Carry duty pager for 24×7 on call response
    2. Limited travel to United States for training
    3. After hours work to coincide with FNC’s change control windows
    4. Must be able to lift 35 lbs
    5. Must be fluent in speaking and writing of English, excellent communications skills

4.  Must be certified for

  1. Linux Administration
  2. Solaris Administration
  3. Cisco Administration

5. File system Management

    1. ZFS, Disksuite for Solaris
    2. LVM for Linux



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