Senior Manager – Mobile Marketing – Gurgaon, Mumbai [ Telecom VAS ]

Title                                                          :               Senior Manager Mobile Marketing

Job Location                                         :               Gurgaon, Mumbai

Experience                                            :               6 Years to 12 Years

  1. 7+ Years of experience in Dot com/ media sales. Excellent contacts with Ad agencies and Brands.
  2. Digital media experience (a. Internet b. Mobile) is considered.  
  3. Interacting with Ad agencies, Local Media Agencies and Brands in and the region for VAS cards /VAS products.
  4. Responsible for the revenue generation from ‘Retail VAS cards and other Mobile Marketing & Advertising mediums like WAP, SMS Solutions, and Applications etc.
  5. Hands on with upcoming Brands and Trends of Media spend.
  6. Responsible for distribution of the VAS cards / VAS products the region and monitoring the regular inventory management.
  7. Some exposure to Mobile VAS and Mobile marketing is essential.
  8. Brand Advertisements on voice alert, Get clients who need a WAP site development and creation.
  9. VAS cards in retail market at Brand outlets, such as Barisata, Cafe coffee day, PVR cinemas
  10. Profiles from Mobile Marketing Companies and Mobile Advertisement (Mob Ad.) is preferred.  

12Snap; 21 Communications; 199MCode; 5th Finger; Add2Phone; Admob; Admoda; Adultmoda; Aerodeon; Amaze; American IDC; ApolloBravo; Aura Digital Communications; Avantgo; Bango; BeepMarketing; Beyond Interactive; Blast Companies; Bluebook Advertising; Bond Wireless; Brainstorm; Brand2Hand; Broad System; Brandscape; BuzzTone; Carat Interactive; Carbon Partners; Cell Trust; Cellempower; CellIt Marketing; Compeau Fawkes; Convergent Mobile; Digital Innovation/Ogilvy Interactive; Digital Rum; Digital Youth; DWango; Dyma Media; EagleXM; EasyTXTR; End2End; EnMobileMedia; Enpocket; Every Point Inc; FlyerOne; FlyTXT; Gamut; Go Live Mobile; Gold Mobile; GoldPocket Wireless; GoomZee; Graphico; Greystripe; HipCricket; HipnTasty; The HyperFactory; i-POP Networks; iLoopmobile; Impact Mobile; Incentivated; InfoNu; InMovil Media; Interactive Mediums; Interface; ipsh!; iTagg; Javatech; Juice Wireless; Knotice; Legion Interactive; Logica CMG; MAGi7; Mercury Mobile Marketing; MForma; Matrix Mobile; M Channel; M-Qube; MaiaSolutions; Mango Mobile; MarketSuite; Mass1; Mass Media Studios; Mblox; Metaio; MindMatics; Minick; MMS3; MopHap; Mobiento; MobiFusion; MobileLifeNetwork; mobileStorm; Mobile 365; Mobile Dreams Factory; Mobile Media Company; Mobile Transit Authority; Mobile Trend; Mobilestreams; MobiMarketing; Mobivity; Mobliss; Moozey; Mopal; Motricity; Movo Mobile; MSCorp; mSnap Interactive; NetInformer; Netsize; OnPOint; OpenWave; Opera Telecom; PhoneBites; Pocket Reach; POP Solutions; Punchcut; Punchkick Interactive; Qmobile; QTags; Qwasi; ScreenTonic; Seismicom; Simple Wire; SinglePoint; Single Touch Interactive; SmallWorldMobile; SmartReply; SMSShortcodes; SoapBox Mobile; Sponge; StopNText; Syniverse; Tagga; TCS Mobile; Telus; Text Marketer; Texting Now; TextMarks; The Concept Studio; TheLightAgency; Third Screen Media; Tira Wireless; TouchLink Mobile; TXTFO; Upoc Networks; Upstream Systems; Urban Eye; Vesta Mobile; Viachannel; Vibes Media; Vidamo Group; Virtu Mobile; Visage Mobile; Volantis; WaterFall Mobile; WiggleWireless; Xiam; XXTreme Measures; Yavox, 160by2,Absoulute160,Admob,Buzzcity,”Culture Mafia”,Flytxt,”In Mobi”,Mginger,mGarlic,”indus mobile”,”netcore solutions”,”Affle India”,”Webaroo”, Flytxt,”Vakow”,”Neon Mobile”,air2web,mobilestorm,Goomze,2ERGO; GROUPM; MINDSHARE; ISOBAR; ICON MOBILE; ADMOB; GOOGLE MOBILE; ZESTADS; BUZZCITY; MOBILE2WIN


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