AGM – Business Development ( Power Trading ) Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad

Job Description

Designation                  :           AGM – Business Development ( Power Trading )

Education                     :           BE/ B Tech and MBA from Premier Institute

Location                       :          Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad

  1. Knowledge to maintain congenial relations with the existing buyers/distribution utilities & industrial consumers, CPP, IPP, state generation utility, distribution company and sup.
  2. Knowledge on business development plan to identify prospective clients both at buyer as well as supplier side of respective buyers/sellers
  3. Knowledge on the procedures to be followed for trading the power with respect to MOU sign off, tendering procedures and settlement of claims
  4. Knowledge of trade executed by other  market players and preparing a comparative analysis
  5. Knowledge of CERC regulations and procedures for booking transmission lines and transmission charges
  6. Understanding of all India transmission system & their capabilities
  7. Knowledge on communication and articulation skills
  8. Knowledge of Availability based tariff, UI charges, IEGC and open access regulations.

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