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List of VAS Companies in India

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160by2 ( http://www.160by2.com )
2ergo  (http://www.2ergo.in )


ACL Wireless (http://www.acl-wireless.com/)
Active Media (http://www.activemediatech.com/)
Affle ( http://www.affle.com )
Ahoy Telecom ( http://www.ahoy.co.in/ )
AIMS Migital Technovations Pvt. Ltd ( http://www.migital.com )
Air2web india pvt ltd ( http://www.air2web.co.in )
Airhub technologies pvt. ltd. ( http://www.airhub.com )
Airvoice infocomm india pvt. ltd., ( http://www.airvoice.co.in/)
Altruist (http://www.altruistindia.com)
AOL Mobile (http://www.aol.in/mobile/)
AstroYogi Mobile (http://www.astroyogi.com/)
Astute Systems (http://www.astutesystemstech.com/)
Atom Technologies Limited ( http://www.atomtech.in )
Apalya Technologies ( http://www.apalya.com/ )
Ascenso Telecom Solutions Pvt Ltd (http://www.ascenso.in/)
Avhan Technologies (http://www.avhan.com/ )

Baytalkitec (http://www.baytalkitec.com/)
Buongiorno India (http://www.buongiorno.com/)
Buzzcity (http://www.buzzcity.com/)
Bubble Motion ( http://www.bubblemotion.com )
Born2win Technologies ( http://www.born2win.co.in )

Callup (http://www.callup.net/)
Cellnext (http://www.cellnext.com)
Cellent (http://www.cellent.com/)
Canvasm (http://www.canvasm.com/)
Coruscant Tec (http://www.coruscant.co.in/)
Comviva (http://www.comviva.com)
Cellcast Interactive India (P) Ltd ( http://www.cellcast.com )
Cygnus ( http://www.cygnusitsolutions.com)

Digital Strait (http://www.digitalstrait.com/)
DigiVive Services Pvt. Ltd. (http://www.digivive.com)

Ericsson (http://www.ericsson.com ), Gurgaon
EnableM (http://www.enablem.com/)
Enterux Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (http://www.enterux.com)
Easy Mobile India (http://www.easymobileindia.com/)
Elticore Technologies Pvt Ltd (http://www.elitecore.com/)

Frozen Digit Technologies Pvt Ltd. (http://www.frozendigit.com/)

Go2andPlay (http://www.go2andplay.com/)
GoBindas (http://www.gobindas.in/)
Geodesic (http://www.geodesiconline.com/)

HariOm Media Services Pvt. Ltd. (http://www.hariommedia.com)
Hungama Mobile (http://www.hungamamobile.com/)
Handygo  ( http://www.handygo.com )
Hazel Media ( http://www.hazelmedia.in/ )
Huawei ( http://www.huawei.com )
Hexolabs (http://www.hexolabs.com/)

Intvo Software Technologies (http://www.intvo.com/)
IMIMobile (http://www.imimobile.com/)
Indiatimes Mobile (http://in.mobile.indiatimes.com/)
Intra Planet Mobile Solutions (http://www.ipmobilesolutions.com/)
Indiagames (http://www.inidagames.com)
I2I Telesource Pvt. Ltd ( http://www.i2itelesource.com/ )
Imomentous (http://www.imomentous.com )

Jataayu (http://www.jataayusoft.com/)
J9 Mobile (http://j9mobile.com/)
July Systems (http://www.julysystems.com/)
Jump Games (http://www.jumpgames.com/)

Kirusa (http://www.kirusa.com/)

Lifetree (http://www.lifetreeindia.com/)
Location Guru ( http://www.locationguru.com )
Livevana ( http://www.livevana.com/ )
Luna Ergonomics Pvt Ltd. ( http://www.paninikeypad.com/ )

Mauj (http://www.mauj.com/) Mumbai
mChek (http://www.mchek.com/)
mCarbon Tech Innovation Pvt ltd. (http://www.mcarbon.com/)
Mogaé Digital ( http://wwwmogaedigital.com/) Gurgaon
Motricity (http://www.motricity.com ) , Gurgaon
mGlitz (http://www.mglitz.com/)
Mjoy (http://www.mjoy.in/)
Mobile365 (http://www.mobile365.com/)
Motvik (http://www.motvik.com/)
mobiSolv (http://www.mobisolv.com/)
Mobile Veda (http://www.mobileveda.com)
Mobi Porter (http://www.mobiporter.com)
mobiShastra Technologies Pvt Ltd ( http://www.mobishastra.com ), Hyderabad
Mobio (http://www.mobio.in/)
MOVEO SYSTEM (http://www.moveosystems.com)
MyZus (http://myzus.com/)
Mobile2Win (http://www.mobile2win.com/)
Mobile-Jar (http:// www.mobile-jar.com/)
Mobile Jockey (http://www.mobilejockey.tv /)
Mob Share (http://www.mobshare.in/)
Mobisoft Telesolutions Pvt. Ltd ( http://www.mobisoft-telesolutions.net )
Mobiphonica ( http://www.mobiphonica.com )
Mobifusion (http://mobifusionentertainment.com/)
Myriad (http://www.myriadgroup.com/ )

NetXcell Limited (www.netxcell.com)
Niche Tech Services (NTS) (http://www.nts-world.com/)
Netcore Solutions ( http://www.netcore.co.in/)
NE Mobile Services India Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai India (http://www.nemobile.in/)
Nazara Technologies ( http://www.nazara.com )
NitizArt (http://www.nitizart.com/ )

One97 (http://one97world.com/)
OnMobile (http://www.onmobile.com/)
OnyxMobile (http://www.onyxmobile.com/)
ORG Telecom (http://www.orgltd.com/)

Perceptknorigin (http://www.perceptknorigin.com)
Planet41 (http://www.planet41.com/)
Pocket Portal (http://www.pocketportal.net)
Pyro Networks (http:// www.pyrogroup.com/)
Pinnacle TeleServices Pvt ltd. (http://www.pinnacleteleservices.com)

Real  Networks ( http://www.realnetworks.com/ ) , Gurgaon
Rediff Mobile (http://in.rediff.com/mobile/) , Mumbai
Rhythm Mobiles (http://www.rhythmmobiles.com)
Rishtey Databae Private Limited (http://www.rdplindia.com)
Roamware (http://www.roamware.com/) Mumbai
ROK Global ( http://www.rokglobal.com )
Rocketalk (  http://www.rocketalk.com )
Ryatech Software Pvt Ltd (http://www.ryatechsoftware.com)

Sarayu Telecom (http://www.sarayutelecom.com/)
Sasken (http://www.sasken.com/)
Smart Wireless Pvt.Ltd. (http://www.bsmart.in/)
Speak Wireless (http://speak-wireless.com/)
Spice Digital ( http://www.spiceglobal.com/ ) , Noida, UP
Subex (http://www.subexazure.com/)
SKJ Technologies (http://www.skjworld.com/)|
SMS GupShup (Webaroo Technology (India) Private Limited) (http://www.smsgupshup.com/)
Shot Formats (http://www.shotformats.com)
SMSCountry/ 160by2  ( http://smscountry.com/ )
Six Dee Telecom Solutions ( http://www.6dtech.co.in )
SimplyMobile (http://www.simplymobileindia.com )
Swanbay Group ( http://www.swanbaygroup.com )
Symbiotic Infotech Pvt. Ltd ( http://www.symbioticinfo.com/ )
Start Enterprise (http://www.startenterprise.com)
Spark Mobiworks Pvt Ltd ( http://www.mobispark.in )

Tagit (http://www.tagit.tv/)
Tangering Digital Entertainment (http://www.tangerinedigital.com/)
Telenity (http://www.telenity.com/)
Telemune Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd, (http://www.telemune.net), New Delhi.
Tesync Technology Limited (http://www.tesync.com) Hyderabad
TELiBrahma (http://www.telibrahma.com/)
Tivre Business Solutions Private Limited ( http://www.tivre.com )
Torque Technology Solutions (http://www.torque.co.in/)
Tanla Solutions (www.tanlasolutions.com)
Techzone (htttp://www.56060.in )
Tri-o-Tech ( http://www.triotechsolutions.in/)
TNGiCube ( http://www.tngicube.co.in )
TeleDNA  ( http://www.teledna.com )

Unicel Technologies ( http://www.uniceltech.com/ )
Unified Telecom Pvt Ltd ( http://www.unifiedtelecom.in )
Unisys Infosolutions Pvt Ltd ( http://unisysinfo.com/ )
U2opia Mobile ( http://www.u2opiamobile.com/ )
Usha Comm ( http://www.ushacomm.com/ )


ValueFirst (http://www.vfirst.com/)
VAS Comtech Ltd ( http://www.vascomtech.com)
Virtu Mobile ( http://www.virtumobile.com )
Voicegate India (http://www.voicegateindia.com/)
Vegam Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Verse Innovations ( http://www.verse.in )
vRock Mobile  ( http://www.vrockmobile.com/ )
Vastech solutions ( http://www.vastech.co.in )

Yahoo Mobile India (http://in.mobile.yahoo.com/)
Yulop Websense Solution ( http://www.yulop.com/ )

Worldphone (http://www.callwpi.com/)
Webdunia (http://webdunia.net/)
Worldwide Records (http://www.wwrindia.com )

Ziva Software (http://www.zivasoftware.com/)


We are specialist in VAS recruitment in India ( for any VAS recruitment queries[ clients & candidates ] reach me at arul@quadrupleindia.com / +91 9865549932 

160by2; 2ergo; ACL Wireless; Active Media; Affle; Ahoy Telecom; AIMS Migital; Air2web; Airhub; Airvoice; Altruist; AOL; AstroYogi; Astute Systems; Atom Technologies; Apalya Technologies; Ascenso Telecom; Avhan Technologies; Baytalkitec; Buongiorno; Buzzcity; Bubble Motion; Born2win; Callup; Cellnext; Cellent; Canvasm; Coruscant Tec; Comviva; Cellcast Interactive; Cygnus; Digital Strait; DigiVive; Ericsson; EnableM; Enterux; Easy Mobile; Elticore Technologies; Frozen Digit; Go2andPlay; GoBindas; Geodesic; HariOm Media; Hungama Mobile; Handygo; Hazel Media; Huawei; Hexolabs; Intvo Software; IMIMobile; Indiatimes; Intra Planet Mobile; Indiagames; I2I Telesource; Imomentous; Jataayu; J9 Mobile; July Systems; Jump Games; Kirusa; Lifetree; Location Guru; Livevana; Luna Ergonomics; Mauj; mChek; mCarbon; Mogaé Digital; Motricity; mGlitz; Mjoy; Mobile365; Motvik; mobiSolv; Mobile Veda; Mobi Porter; mobiShastra; Mobio; MOVEO SYSTEM; MyZus; Mobile2Win; Mobile-Jar; Mobile Jockey; Mob Share; Mobisoft; Mobiphonica; Mobifusion; Myriad; NetXcell Niche; Netcore; NE Mobile; Nazara; NitizArt; One97; OnMobile; OnyxMobile; ORG Telecom; P; Perceptknorigin; Planet41; Pocket Portal; Pyro Networks; Pinnacle R; Real  Networks; Rediff Mobile; Rhythm Mobiles; Rishtey Databae; Roamware; ROK Global; Rocketalk; Ryatech Software; Sarayu Telecom; Sasken; Smart Wireless; Speak Wireless; Spice Digital; Subex; SKJ; SMS GupShup; Shot Formats; SMSCountry; Six Dee; SimplyMobile; Swanbay; Start Enterprise; Spark Mobiworks; Tagit; Tangering; Telenity; Telemune; Tesync; TELiBrahma; Tivre; Torque; Tanla; Techzone; Tri-o-Tech; TNGiCube; TeleDNA; Unicel; Unified; Unisys; U2opia Mobile; Usha Comm; ValueFirst; VAS Comtech; Virtu Mobile; Voicegate; Vegam; Verse; vRock Mobile; Vastech; Yahoo Mobile; Yulop Websense; Worldphone; Webdunia; Worldwide Records; Ziva Software 


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