Infrastructure Architect -Chennai

Title                       : Infrastructure Architect

 Job Location       : Chennai   


  1. Bachelors and/or Masters Degree in Computer Science, Information Management, Information Technology or Engineering
  2. VMware certification is preferred
  3. Cisco certification is preferred.
  4. ITIL certification is preferred 


  1. Over 10+ years of infrastructure architecture planning and implementation experience in a large consulting or large enterprise organization.
  2. 5+ years of experience in an Enterprise Architecture team in the capacity of an Infrastructure  architect
  3. Have been part of an enterprise architecture team in an infrastructure architect capacity
  4. Over 10+ years of large-scale network design and implementation leadership experience with multi-vendor solutions including Cisco and Fortinet
  5. Over 5+ years of large-scale data center (server, SAN storage, network, and desktop virtualization design leadership experience with VMware, Cisco and EMC
  6. Previous experience in deploying VoIP networks and VoIP Solutions in a managed service environment is highly desirable.
  7. Strong design and implementation experience in a Cisco UCS infrastructure.
  8. Over 5+ strong design and implementation experience in implementation Identity Access Management Solutions (IAM) from at least two vendors including provisioning and single sign-on.
  9. Previous experience with Novell IAM solution is highly preferred.
  10. Strong experience in implementing architecture practices and processes that optimizes maximization of IT infrastructure investments.
  11. Well versed in using various appropriate tools to depict logical/physical architecture diagrams, depicting blue prints
  12. Over 10+ years of experience in a mixed .NET and Java environments that includes both Microsoft and Linux based systems.
  13. Over 5+ years of previous experience with integration/EBS platforms.
  14. Previous experience with IBM Cast Iron is highly desirable.
  15. Candidate must have been an architect in at least 2-3 full large scale infrastructure planning and implementation projects and must have overseen all phases (Inception to Project closure)
  16. This work will require extremely strong communication and collaboration skills as it all activities will require strong partnership peer Architects within the Enterprise Architecture Group but will also need to partner very closely with the Development and Infrastructure teams, PM’s and Business Analysts.
  17. This position may require 30% travel to international locations including the USA. As the role involves interaction with international stake holders, the candidate should be willing to spend extended hours on audio / video conferencing

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