Senior Web Developer – Gurgaon

Title                 : Senior Web Developer

Skills                : CSS2, CSS3, HTML, xHTML, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax

Experience      : 4 to 8 Years

Location          : Gurgaon


1.            Should have 4+ Years of Web Development Experience.

2.            Should have good exposure in CSS2/CSS3, HTML/xHTML, JavaScript, JQuery & Ajax.

3.            Develop according to Industry best practices

a)            Search Engine Optimization

b)            Progressive Enhancement

c)            Accessibility (Section 508)

d)            Cross Browser

4.            Execute component design patterns according to Industry best practices – MVC, SOA

5.            Develop Javascript using standard Frameworks – jQuery, Yahoo UI

6.            Define and parse valid data interchange structures to integrate with back end services – XML, JSON, CSV, etc

7.            Use standard toolsets to develop, validate and test code

a)            Dreamweaver

b)            EditPlus

c)            TextMate

d)            Cruise Control

e)            Firefox – Developer toolbar / firebug

f)             IE6 – Developer toolbar

g)            IE7 – Debug Bar

8.            Responsible for developing interactive web based, mobile, and/or desktop applications

9.            Responsible for leading key tracks/ teams and mentoring team members in key    AJAX/Interactive technologies.

10.          Provide insight and feedback to Information Architects and Designers for usability and feasibility of interface designs.

11.          Provide context and guidance for integration and implementation of Front End Interfaces


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