Senior DBA (Oracle / PostgresSQL ) – Chennai

Title                       : Sr. DBA (Oracle / PostgresSQL )

Experience                         : 7+ Years

Industry                               :  Information Technology

Product                                : Network Security


  1. 5+ Years IT experience in Oracle Database Administration. PostgresSQL is preferred.
  2. Creating and configuring Oracle instances and databases over the network.
  3. Expertise with Designing enterprise-wide database backup and recovery plans and implementing backup/recovery, failover and replication procedures.
  4. Effort to implement RMAN backup strategy. Exporting and Importing Database.
  5. Performance and Diagnostic Tuning, Application Tuning and tune disk utilization.
  6. Configuring Oracle Net and Shared Server options. Fine tuning the database.
  7. Strong experience in monitoring and maintaining production databases.
  8. Upgrading / Migrating Oracle Database Server from 8i to 9i and to 10g as well as Clients.
  9. Setting up Standby Databases in Oracle 9i / 10g for Disaster Recovery.
  10. Installation, configuration, creation and maintenances of PostgreSQL databases.
  11. Knowledge in UNIX Shell scripting.


  1. Installation and configuration of Oracle, PostgreSQL Databases.
  2. Creation of databases as per specifications given by the end users.
  3. Designing and implementation of database backup, restore and recovery procedures/techniques.
  4. RMAN and Export/Import utilities for selective Backup.
  5. Check Alert Log errors and make necessary actions to rectify them.
  6. Monitor objects growths (tablespaces, tables). Fine tuning and troubleshooting of Oracle and PostgreSQL databases.
  7. Frequent analysis of objects or schemas to improve the speed of the database
  8. Handling the connection related issues – resolving problems in client systems..
  9. Database maintenance activities like index rebuilding based on user requests.
  10. Configure & manage standby database for disaster recovery (Data Guard).
  11. Taking cold Backups for test and development database based on the client requirement.
  12. Monitoring the backup and check its consistency and integrity by doing a restoration on a different server.
  13. Keeping a checklist and methodologies, that defines required deliverables at each stage.

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