Moral mind of recruiter !

I am a proud consulting recruiter. Last month we empanelled as recruitment consultant with a reputed company in Chennai and rated as CMMi level 5 company. As recruiter i fixed an appointment with that reputed company to understand them better and one fine day we meet  had five minutes of meeting with top HR guy explained about terms,conditions, process, team size etc..  

He introduced his delegates recruiters of three from various levels DM-1 and AM-2 to take us through to understand about “reputed” company and opened requirements.I had a meeting with all three recruiters.. “Corporate recruiters”. All three corporate recruiters drop steeply explaining priority requirements and not much the company.  End of fifth minute we posted “How long this position is opened?” They said for three months. Call closed. I really had a dream of closing high billing and super niche requirement. 

As a client account manager & recruiter myself and my delegate recruiter was so passionate about that niche requirement shared and to work for “reputed” client . We spent quality time understanding about “reputed” company, achievements, partnership, clientele and accolades.

After five hours of using our productive sourcing, utilizing recruitment skills and networking. We found a guy from LinkedIn. Now the time has come and i have prepared flashy formal mail attaching resume. By the time our TAT is 8 hours.

 12:23PM- Mail sent  We had great gratification or sense of achievement after sending that mail. (Right sentence i think) Irony! Not long lasted !!

 12:25PM – saw a mail notification on my desktop. I felt so much on my way! (don’t know how to write ) and i read this word. 


 Yes, exactly, same word.. i got it as a reply. ( it is too obvious in recruiters life that too in consulting business ).My expectation towards my “reputed” client has broken a little.. Told myself expected a better reply or better words.

 My conscience questioned me! Are you this much deserved as a reply? Huh !

 “We are professionals, we are specialist, we were trained for sourcing for the fullest” But, What made you to write that word” Because you are sitting other side “reputed”? 

 I got so many replies like that “Not suitable”, “Rejected”, “Not fit” etc.. My question is write that damn reason or few words for rejecting and we can’t smell your mind mr.corporate recruiter and we are not transactional. 

 Also keep it your mind that we are just a consulting recruiters, we are on behalf of your “reputed” company’s Sales person, Digital Marketing guy, Brand ambassador and Human Resources guy and etc.. 

 As a recruiter we can do wonders for the companies we source for. Who knows “I may even find a next steve jobs for your company”! 

 Note: And i was on my way to see his LinkedIn profile and found that he started his career in a consulting company!!! 


3 thoughts on “Moral mind of recruiter !

  1. Beautifully you have expressed your feelings.. Don’t be a DUPLICATE when you’ll be on the other side one day 🙂

  2. Good one…sadly these “CORPORATE” recruiters in these “REPUTED” (MNCs with a CMMi LV label) concerns don’t realize that they are a “Part” of the “FACE OF THE COMPANY” and are supposed to be “Brand ambassadors” themselves first! 😛

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