iOS Developer – Mobile Guru – Bangalore

Title       :               iOS Developer – Mobile Guru

Location:              Bangalore


  1. The iOS developer is responsible for contributing to the architecture and development for all aspects of the app.
  2. Ideal candidates must thrive in the start-up culture of sweat and constant innovation.
  3. Along with knowing the basics of iOS development, an ideal candidate has extensive knowledge of advanced concepts such as custom UI controls, advanced memory management, Core Data, iCloud and integration into our server-side APIs.
  4. We are looking for someone who has a deep technical knowledge but also recognizes the impact of design and UX.


  1. Experience with iOS, Objective C and Cocoa Touch
  2. Fundamentals in object-oriented design, data structures, algorithm design, problem solving, and complexity analysis
  3. Experience with Git, Core Data, XML, JSON and Web Services
  4. Experience building complex iOS apps that have been successfully delivered to customers
  5. Must be wise in the ways of ios development customizing ui controls creating advanced transforms/animations familiar with advantages and pitfalls of core data
  6. Architecting apps that utilize memory efficiently and debugging memory issues with instruments
  7. Asynchronous network calls and image downloads,in-app purchases using store kit
  8. User account management (currently managed via parse api) synchronizing data between app and web database,icloud integration
  9. Experience with testing frameworks such as ghunit and ocmock

Who is Mobile Guru?

A guru developer will take the initiative to make sure things get done.  They will bug the design team to make sure graphic assets are ready.  They will bug the server guys to make sure development is moving smoothly on the server side, and they will always be in contact with all other developers on the project.  A pro iOS developer is a manager, systems architect, researcher, build engineer, and a whole lot more.

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