Looking for Zonal Sales Manager – Mumbai




Industry                                    :           Paint

Title                                          :           Zonal Sales Manager

Reporting                                  :           Vice-President, Decorative (North & West)

Experience                                :           14 Years to 20 Years

Qualification                              :           MBA from B-School or Equivalent

Key Skills Required                   :           Sales Management, Market Knowledge, Business acumen

Behavioural Traits                      :           Result-Oriented, Leadership

Job Location                             :           Mumbai

 Division                                   :           Decorative

Zone Team Sales Team Size      :           Approx.50 


  1. Lead the sales operations of West Zone (9 Depots- Mumbai, Bhiwandi, Pune, Nasik, Nagpur, Ahemdabad,Surat, Raipur and Indore) for Decorative Paint Business.
  2. Should have proven 15 Years of experience in Sales and Business Development.
  3. To achieve the set targets in sales thru Retail & Projects, collection & Channel expansion in West Zone.
  4. Generate more revenue from premium products which will result in growth in profits for the company.
  5. Responsible for hiring, mentoring and retaining talent in the team.
  6. Responsible for identifying opportunities for growth and devise sales strategies to capture them.
  7. Responsible for setting and maintaining performance metrics for individuals and depots.
  8. To set priorities among different goals and review the progress periodically.
  9. To be a change leader to align the team’s thinking to meet the challenges of the dynamic market environment.
  10. To gain market share by appointing dealers in unrepresented towns and adding dealers in low performing markets.
  11. To foresee potential threats from competition and devise counter strategies to avoid and overcome them.
  12. To be as an ambassador for the company to communicate all the initiatives, changes and expectations of the organization to the market. Also understand the expectations of the market and communicate the same to senior management for taking timely actions.
  13. To motivate the team to undertake difficult challenges which will bring better results for the organization.
  14. To build and maintain good rapport with top dealers and ensures customer satisfaction
  15. To create and maintain a culture of openness and transparency for free flow of information.
  16. To coordinate and get things done with various other functions for the team to deliver results in line with company polices and guidelines.
  17. To send Reports on Sales, Forecast, Promotion, Debtors, etc as per the deadlines for smooth operation.

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