Estimation and Metrication Specialist – Bangalore

Title : Estimation and Metrication Specialist
Experience : 15+ Years
Location : Bangalore

1. This role will directly contribute to the maturing of estimation practices across globally.
2. Development of estimation capability within the context of the IT Services industry.
3. Have a track record of successfully implementing estimation and metrication improvements in similar scale organizations.
4. Extensive experience of estimating complex projects and/or large scale transitions, transformations and managed services within a leading IT services industry organization.
5. Demonstrated understanding of estimation principles, methods and the relationship between estimation, solution architecture and project/service delivery.
6. Practical experience establishing, embedding, operating and managing a supporting metrication process to capture the metrics required to support estimation improvements across the business.
7. Provide knowledge management leadership for the Estimation Centre to help guide the evolution of a global estimation strategy and increase the availability and quality of estimation support
8. Analyze, prepare and roll out changes to estimation and metrication processes and tools (as part of a defined Estimation Evolution Programme) within an agreed schedule
9. Develop practical methods to enhance estimation accuracy, incorporate cost traceability and improve cost accounting in estimates and delivery metrics
10. Improve the efficiency, effectiveness and reach of the metrics collection process and demonstrate the benefits of metrics to project teams and managers
11. Contribute to the formulation and planning of organizational change management activities to implement and institutionalize estimation practice improvements across the organization
12. Support other SMEs in the Estimation Centre with expertise, practical support, planning, and the implementation of estimation improvements and metrics management activities.
13. Good working knowledge of sales, pre-sales and solution architecture activities for SI and Outsourcing deals and the estimation challenges experienced by these teams
14. Excellent verbal/written communication and presentation skills
15. Comfortable with interfacing to senior management stakeholders and gathering primary data from a wide variety of individuals, organization elements and information sources
16. Excellent analytical skills. Ability to collect, understand, and analyze data from multiple sources
17. A good understanding of sizing methodologies and the use of sizing in estimation and metrication (FPA, Cosmic, SLOC’s, Proxies…)
18. A good understanding of statistical techniques (e.g. Six Sigma Black Belt level)
19. Ability to work semi-autonomously and mentor other members in the team on estimation, the metrics process, methods, statistical analysis and tooling


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