Project Lead – MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

Title                       :               Project Lead – MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

Experience         :              9+ Years

Location               :               Hyderabad, Bangalore

Company             :               Product Based Company and it is for Permanent Rolls

  1. Senior Software Engineer with Project Lead experience and ambition, Project Leadership experience with teams up to 10 people.
  2. Technical knowledge of MES / SCADA/ PLC applications. Preferably knowledge of FTPC and or other MES products
  3. Implements MES projects within budget and timescale, Motivates and leads team of engineers.
  4. Project planning alignment with customer agreed milestones, Ensure and prepares detailed planning of work packages.
  5. Close monitoring of progress against predefined delivery times, Gives and or organizes technical support for project engineers.
  6. On Site day to day interaction with customer project lead/ team. Writing and assessment of technical specification documentation for work packages.
  7. Defines test scenarios. Accepting finalized work packages from engineers.
  8. Manages scope adherence within the project and manages the change request with the customer.

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