Developer / Senior Developer / – Lead Cloud Platform (Front End )

Job Description

Title                  : Developer / Senior Developer / – Lead Cloud Platform (Front End )

Years of Experience: 3 to 9 years

Location            : Pune


  1. Understanding Product Feature and Functionality Requirements of the Cloud Platform.
  2. Working with the Design and Architecture teams on design and framework issues
  3. Designing and developing components using Actionscript, Javascript and XUL, Hadoop, Etherpad and related technologies.
  4. Working with the Design Team on design related activity
  5. Working with the Cloud Sever teams on Server side integration of Cloud Platform
  6. Testing and QA of code written by self and peers
  7. Providing Level 2 and Level 3, support of the Cloud  and Partner Products in Testing, Stage and Client facing Production Environments
  8. Vertical Specific Customizations of Cloud Platform including interfaces to, Intuit, Ning, Facebook, LinkedIn and other Networks.
  9. Other Additional responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time with the growth of Cloud  Platform & Products business.

Skills Required:

  1. Strong understanding of Object Oriented Programming
  2. Strong understanding of SDLC
  3. Strong understanding of Development, Support and Testing Tools and Automation
  4. Strong Knowledge of Javascript, JQuery, YUI, XUL
  5. Strong Knowledge of XML, HTML, CSS
  6. Strong Knowledge of Actionscript 2.0 and 3.0
  7. Working Knowledge of other RIA Frameworks and Libraries
  8. Working Knowledge of LINUX, Windows and Mac OS desktop OS internals

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